All Aboard the Good Ship PKM


The first thing which struck me with Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) was the simplicity of its title – no jargon and no overly technical terms to decipher – simply three words which succinctly summarise what a learner, of any age, requires if they are to work efficiently.
During the course work of EDC3100 we are all aboard the PKM ship. Navigating our way through the myriad of pathways (some more expedient than others), we elicit new understanding from those around us in the cyber-world whom we have chosen to follow via the seeking and filtering process of PKM. Accessing meaningful information is one thing, knowing what to do with it is another. It is essential to assess the value of any new material we encounter – does it fill our own particular needs and if so, how can it be used or adapted?
There is a vast ocean of information and ideas out there. Sifting through it with more than a little help from our Personal Learning Networks (a.k.a. cyber life-jacket) and channelling some of the more useful information in our direction can only inspire us to approach digital learning with more confidence. As a result, this should encourage each of us to participate more fully in the very network that has inspired us as learners.

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