It’s in the way that you use it


“It’s in the way that you use it.”

Little would Eric Clapton, who wrote and sang this catchy song, have ever imagined that it would be referred to in a blog about Information and Communication Technology as part of a university course? Yet, the above sentiment, with reference to ICT, makes a recurring appearance throughout the course of EDC3100.

With the ever helpful support of Feedly, I was attracted to the content and perspective of Karen Demoiselle’s blog. Initially, the blog takes note of another blogger I happen to be following – Sonia Thistlethwaite – and her viewpoint of the implications of Technological Pedagogy Content Knowledge (TPACK).

Karen’s blog links to a slide and audio presentation Media and Technology in 2013: What’s Next? by Professor Christopher Hoadley (NYU Steinhardt). He summarises ways in which technology has been instigated and developed during recent times, with particular attention to how it has affected education in today’s schools.

Since the advent of ICT in schools, Hoadley outlines how educational practices have developed and moved with the times. No longer is a school a ‘gatekeeper’ for a child’s education, but more a resource, where information can be located with direction from others. Rather than knowledge being ‘bundled’ and presented to the student, they have more choice to pick and choose – encouraging critical thinking and higher order skills. Hoadley also highlights the concept that through ICT, education can be tailored, to some degree, for each individual, rather than a uniform approach for all.

It’s In The Way That You Use It lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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