A Resonant Reflection


Almost at the last gasp, I find myself writing my 9th blog post and as a reflective one and it seems the quirks of fate have the upper hand today. I shall elaborate later …

One of the bloggers I have been following, Teagan Childs, had some useful links on her post entitled “Writing effective and engaging blog posts”.

Teagan directs us to an Edublogs site which gives the tentative teacher of technology a helping hand to kick-start our ideas for a blog and get creative. It directs when we need direction and it encourages when we need encouragement – isn’t that what we want for our students?

So, in review, yes, I definitely feel as though I’m on my way and seeking, sharing and assessing as I travel the ICT super highway.

Now, here are the two specific things that made me feel things were beginning to come full circle today. Firstly, on a blog post I made yesterday, I made reference to Mark Anderson (author, Leader of Digital Learning and Apple Distinguished Educator) and remembered to tag his name at the foot of the blog. You can imagine my delight when he – ‘a source/resource’ – made a comment on said post to thank me! Wow – this interactive thing really works!

The second ‘thing’ that happened was when I followed the link David Jones regarding Martha’s Blog – however, Ewan McIntosh made an error in his blog that stated Martha was a pupil at Dunoon Grammar School. Martha actually attended Lochgilphead Primary (miles away from Dunoon and very scenic – I have a friend who teaches there). Through BBC News back then, I had actually followed the story with interest as it caused quite a ‘stramash’ at the time!

Funny how things come round and further proof that ICT can make the world an even smaller place.





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  1. Hi, thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog! Im so glad that you found the information on Edublogs interesting and useful! I had the same thing happen, I was writing about Betchers post on Twitter and Chris commented to thank me and started following my blog. It is such a wonderful feeling isn’t it! Good luck with your assignment 🙂

    • Thanks to you, Teagan for ‘lending’ me the idea in the first place. My apologies for not acknowledging your reply sooner, but it’s been a fairly hectic week … All the best for your assignment 🙂

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