SAMR (somewhere) out there …


I was interested to read MrsMckinty’s blog How do we know if an ICT tool is needed for the job?

With reference to Dr Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model  I particularly liked the inclusion of The Pedagogy Wheel designed by Allan Carrington – visual representation can be so much easier to understand.

 On reading the posts and researching a little more about SAMR, I would like to share my perspective:

 Substitution – When technology can be used in place of what was traditionally practised using pen, paper, booklists and libraries e.g. using a word document to type up pieces of information that have been gathered via research on the internet (specific web pages that students have been directed to for specific information). Such practice may not have any great bearing on student engagement or achievement.

Augmentation – Technology tools which would not normally be considered ‘traditional’ for students to interact and share ideas with others e.g. via blogs. Accessing this type of resource would allow the students to engage with material which is more current and meaningful to their particular topic.

Modification – When technology significantly compliments the learning experience e.g. using visualisation software to enhance specific information that has been researched or interactive ‘games’ which consolidate ideas from a different perspective. Modification should not necessarily replace what has gone before, but considerably enrich the learning experience.

Redefiniton – A culmination of all previous components in this model. Collectively, these features should lead the student towards applying all the accrued skills in a totally new and redefined task. The technology and associated skills should be implemented to produce a piece of work which would not have been possible without the tools available e.g. filming and uploading a video, designing a web page, etc. To share this with countless others around the world and receive feedback from a range of perspectives, would have been inconceivable a generation ago.


 Mrsmckinty blog:

 Allan Carrington blog:

The Pedagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Based on a work at

 SAMR model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura


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