Stepping into ICT in Today’s Classrooms


My goodness! It’s been quite a week – trying to get my head around the idea of Module 2, while at the same time, winding up and heading out with Assignment 1.

What seemed quite an overwhelming activity at the outset, little by little, turned into yet another learning path. The trepidation of wondering if links would work and Prezi would behave itself almost became too much at one point! However, perseverence and practice seems to be the buzz words for this week.

As I type this, doing things in the order we’ve been instructed to, I can’t help but feel a wee bit anxious that everything is going to go okay and the right things will get to the right people.

Adrenalin is a wonderful thing, but then again, so is the network and back-up of other like-minded EDC3100 members. Reading comments and tips as the week progressed, was a great morale boost, not to mention, major support.

Well folks, please find attached the link to my online artefact “Stepping into ICT” – we all have and with great big boots, I may add!

All the best!–2l7sptvqjg1&rc=ref-48332751

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