Week 4 Reflections – Deeper than before!


When I think about writing my reflections for Week 4, I have a distinct picture in my head. I’ve tossed a pebble in a pond and the ripples begin to distort the calm water, at the same time moving further and further from the centre in concentric circles. 

Having completed Assignment 1, I can safely say that I feel a moment of reflection is a worthwhile activity – if only to ‘unwind’ and let some of the ups and downs of the past few days ease away.

I enjoyed reading fellow EDC3100 blogger, Donna Schlatter’s post the other day (My Journey So Far). Through her comments and interactions with others, I was able to steel myself for the hiccoughs that lay ahead for me when making and presenting a Prezi. It’s certainly been a course of ‘firsts’ for me – each new tool, website and link provides me with a renewed sense of “Wow – imagine using that!”

So, Module Two, here we come – ready or not … 

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