Khan Do?


One thing I’ve noticed since following a selection of EDC 3100 student blogs, is a similar sense of humour and flair for word-play. I was drawn to Katherine Dugdale’s “Mrs D’s ICT Investigations” and more specifically, to her recent post entitled “Can We or Khan’t We?”

After watching the TED  video link with Salman Khan extolling the amazing achievements that the Flip Classroom mode of learning can lead to with regards to students’ success, one can’t help but see two separate camps – those firm believers in Khan’s theory and those more aware of what actually needs to be done in a real classroom situation.

I can’t help but reflect back to an earlier phase of our course work where we were introduced to Neil Postman’s Five Things We Need to Know About Technology  Yes, there are indeed ‘winners and losers’ in the use of ICT within today’s society and unfortunately, even Khan’s wonderful gesture of ‘free’ access to learning tutorials may continue to be too remote for some.

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