All read up (and hopefully somewhere to go …)


Once I’d finally chosen the curriculum area and decided on the specific direction I wanted to take with my unit of work, items which I’d read on blogs and Study Desk gave me extra impetus and confidence to carry along the path I hoped to follow. The reason? I had read, then revisited articles about Inquiry Learning and the different models which can be used when implementing an effective learning experience.

I enjoyed reading Karen DeMoiselle’s blog ‘The Idea of Essential Questions’.  as she gave a user friendly and comprehensive overview of what Inquiry Learning entailed. I particularly liked the model Karen directed the reader to, showing a diagram of an Inquiry Process and how it can be referred to as a means to enhance the teaching/learning experience. Katherine Dugdale’s blog Mrs D’s ICT Investigations blog  also proved good reading and Katherine was kind enough to share another blog she had followed “Enquiries About Inquiry”, which gave an insight into the Integrating Socially Model of Inquiry – a useful article.

This particular website also had an interesting model demonstrating the use of effective questions and how they can kick-start a valid and worthwhile learning experience. The concept of capturing a child’s imagination with a Big Question was also highlighted by David Jones on USQ Study Desk.


Equipped with the know-how of the updated Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy , ideas for using ICT as a highly productive learning tool became more apparent. The number and range of new age verbs we have familiarised ourselves with, is quite remarkable: pod-casting, re-mixing, tagging and annotating, to name but a few.  If we are to teach using ICT to the best of our ability then we really have to walk the walk and talk the talk.



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