Minecraft – Myth or Legend?


The phrase “Can I go on Minecraft?” used to send a quiver of trepidation down my spine, as it was often the precursor of my two children, aged 11 and 14, wanting to disappear into some sort of oblivion for hours at a time (perhaps a slight exaggeration on my part, but if left to their own devices they would have been very happy to!). Now here I am, writing a blog post about the possible benefits of using it in the classroom! What a fickle world we live in.

On reading fellow EDC3100 blogger, Ornella Whelan’s post Minecraft as an Educational Tool we were encouraged to look at Minecraft and its application in today’s ICT- enhanced classrooms. As Ornella directed us, the Wiki gives an overview of how aspects of Minecraft could be implemented into different areas of the curriculum. Delving a little further, I stumbled upon some useful ideas collected and put on a blog by Andrew Miller, courtesy of Edutupia. Miller gives the reader a glimpse into the wide variety of uses in which Minecraft could be applied in the classroom – its current popularity can only add to a high engagement factor for students.

Like any other ICT tool, Minecraft should be considered as an effective means of enhancing a lesson, rather than replacing it. Classroom teacher, Ashley MacQuarrie wrote a blog Transforming the Way We Learn: Why Minecraft is an Amazing Learning Tool

I look forward to investigating how Minecraft could work for me – not just my children!

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