Moving Education into a New Dimension


This week, my train of thought was momentarily ‘interrupted’ when I read a snippet as part of a news article about the increasingly popular trend of 3-D printing and the accessibility of more realistically-priced printers that could be bought by small companies or individuals.

A little light bulb “Aha!” moment when I remembered seeing a recent blog published by Makezine via my WordPress reader that had a intriguing photograph of what a 3-D printer could churn out. As future educators we are all prone to be accumulators of information and ideas, in fact, anything that may prove useful in forthcoming lessons (thinking Toolbelt Theory here!).

Now, if there’s one thing I’ve certainly gleaned from the EDC3100 course, it is that ONE LINK LEADS TO ANOTHER. You know it’s true – we cannot click on one link and be happy with that singular result, we simply must click on the next link that sits there, all innocuous – because, THAT is the one which leads us to the really useful stuff!

In wanting to find out a little more about the uses of 3-D printing in an educational context, I was interested in these two separate sites – giving two sides of the picture, so to speak …

Educators Technology has some super ideas for implementing ICT in the classroom.

And to balance out the equation, it’s always worthwhile to read another perspective at Gizmodo.


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