Inspired to Search Further for ICT?


On reading Mrs D’s ICT Investigations blog on The Technology Integration Planning (TIP) Model, designed by Wiencke and Roblyer (2004). Katherine directed us to a flow diagram showing how this particular model works in practice.

I also came across a link to another useful site which outlines the concepts behind the TIP Model, found at this Bookbuilder site .

Implementing the TIP Model highlights the fact that ICT is not necessarily the ‘What Can I teach?’ of teaching, more of the ‘How Can I Teach it Better?’ – using it to enhance a learning experience for students that may normally not be possible in the day to day classroom.

In the quest for looking a little further afield for ideas and adding to that ever-expanding Toolbelt, I would also like to share a blog that struck me as very useful when looking for inspirational ideas for implementing technology in today’s curriculum. Class Tech Tips is a useful blog where teachers, interested in investigating and implementing technology in a variety of ways, may just be given the link that leads them to the type of lesson they would never before have imagined. As they say in restaurants … Enjoy!

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