Blogging from a Blogger’s Point of View


I was interested to read the link kindly provided by a fellow EDC 3100 blogger who led me to read further, an article by George Couros who specialises in innovative teaching and learning.  I was drawn to the concept of new graduates using blogging as a means of collating a portfolio of what they continue to learn and what they consider their most effective pieces of work to present to others. When I hear the word ‘portfolio’ I think back to friends who were art students in years gone by, carrying large flat cases to and from classes. How pertinent it is in today’s technologically advanced society, that anyone can and should collate their own portfolio, to convey their thoughts and ideas to many different people at the click of a few keys, via blogging.

Couros highlights the usefulness and accessibility of blogs when he draws attention to five pertinent reasons why they are a valuable tool in developing one’s own portfolio. He lists the following advantages: Open Reflection, Developing Literacy with Different Mediums, Student Voice, Creating an Open Archive of Learning and Developing a Positive Digital Footprint.

It is important to underline the concept that blogging is a valid and authentic tool to get your word heard/read by like-minded people and professionals.


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