Plugging into Connect.ed


Wow! This website, introduced to EDC3100 as part of this week’s learning path, certainly makes you sit up and take notice. Fellow bloggers, Kate and Teagan both had some very worthwhile points to make. Digital citizenship can come at a price if it is not used correctly and in a principled manner. It is vital to instil in today’s students, the importance of cyber safety and protecting not only their privacy, but that of others.

Participating in online activities has obvious advantages, but when misused, the pitfalls become all too serious. Helping students to equip themselves with the right knowledge and awareness of such consequences is an obligatory component of being a supportive teacher. Perhaps we can’t always be one step ahead of the less savoury aspects of the cyber world, but as educators, it is possible to keep our eyes open to what is happening in the world around us. More importantly, it’s imperative for our students to be alert to any dangers and be prepared to take action simply by talking to others if the need arises.

I particularly liked this image from The Book Fairy Goddess




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