What’s all the HUB-bub about?


Once again, there’s no surprise in realising, once again, that one link leads to another. Whilst browsing through suitable resources and lessons that may be enhanced through the use of an IWB, I came across this valuable teacher-friendly site. 65 Free Whiteboard Resources from Teacher Hub . This American website offers a wide variety of activities according to curriculum area and age level suitability.

If you are interested in hunting down some useful Maths resources that use an IWB, then look no further than Mathsframe. Although it is a UK website, there are many appropriate activities that relate to the Australian Curriculum standards.

The final site of plenty can be found at TopMarks .

The plethora of ideas is almost limitless. What does and should matter, is how applicable each particular lesson or activity is, in relation to what we want to use it for and its linking to the Australian Curriculum. As teachers are becoming more ICT literate and confident with exploring new features, it is wonderful to see an emerging culture of class teachers who are willing to share their expertise with others across the globe.


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