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Going OK with TK …


As part of this week’s Learning Path, I enjoyed having a browse through some of the vast array of IWB resources that can be implemented in our classroom – especially useful when we are adding girth to our ever-increasing toolbelt and TK (Technical Knowledge). Like Pamela and many other course-mates, we have found ourselves in the thick of packing it all in – looking and learning as we go.

Knowing what’s out there, so to speak, plays the most important part of this learning journey. To begin with, it’s easy to look at a resource/flipchart and think how creative and innovative that teacher had to be when creating such a resource. But, perhaps it’s the sign of our developing awareness of using ICT effectively, it doesn’t take long to start thinking along the lines of “Well, it’s a good flipchart, but I would like to add …”. Surely, that is the best indicator of a developed resource – one which has the worthwhile ideas, but fits the specific purpose for that teacher?

One of the activities David encouraged us to complete was to ‘source a good resource’ – an IWB flipchart that we wouldn’t mind using in a class situation. Here’s one I thought was a winner – Fraction Basics – an engaging interactive activity for reviewing aspects of fractions with a Year6/7 class.